What Happened in March? 

March has been a really good month. I have had some pretty decent nights out in Sucre with lots of fun on the way. I have been some what addicted to watching CNN on their coverage of the missing Malaysian plane and even missed out on some nights out because of it.

Marion took me mountain biking to the village of Yotala which was really nice. It felt good to be back on a bike again and being out in the country side apart from getting a puncture on the fastest downhill section. The problem was worsened by the lack of a tyre lever in the repair kit so we had to improvise getting the tyre off with some similar shaped stones.

By far the best moment of the month was briefly Dj’ing in Florin. There were 2 dj’s from La Paz playing that night but they went missing until 11pm so my friend asked if I would fill in. I only got to dj for 15 minutes but the buzz I got was amazing playing music to about 100 people.

I also met a Bolivian international footballer in Florin, named Mauricio Saucedo.


Countries Visited: Bolivia

Bolivia: Sucre

Total Distance Traveled: 0 Km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled by air: 0 km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled on bus: 0 Km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled by boat: 0 km / 0 miles

What I Spent

Bolivia: £642.15 in 31 days = £20.71 a day

Total Spent: £642.15 in 31 days = £20.71 a day

This figure is a bit misleading as I had to extend my travel insurance for a further 4 months with a cost of £214. But apart from this is has been a fairly cheap month.

What I Listened To

3 Most Played Tunes: 

  1. “In Search Of Sunrise 3” by Dj Tiesto
  2. “Dreaming” by Ruff Driverz
  3. “So Here We Are” by Bloc Party

What I Have Been Watching: Breaking Bad Season 4, The Walking Dead season 4

What Have I Been Reading: “The Marching Powder” by Rusty Young (Re-reading)

Best Part: Dj’ing in Florin. Its been a dream for over 10 years and although very brief it was such an amazing experience. I just hope Its possible for another experience in the near future.

Worst Part: Having to say goodbye to my good friend Sarah. Sucre will truly not be the same without her 😦

Favourite Drink: Cuba Libre

The Beer I Drank Most: Huari, Bolivia

Favourite Bar: Cafe Florin, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Club: Stigma, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Hostel: Did not stay in a hostel

My Favourite Photo: 

San Felipe Convert

San Felipe Convert

Whats Next? In April I hope to actually do some more activities and leave Sucre for a few days. High on the list is doing some mountain biking in La Paz. I also plan on going to Uyuni when Marion is working there next and during her time off visiting one of the villages around the salt flats and watching the sunset.

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