6 months on the road…

6 Months On The Road

During my 6 months on the road I have visited 4 countries and traveled over half the length of the continent and back again. My plans have consistently changed, sometimes from day to day, but it has been an awesome experience. Of course it has not been all plain sailing and things have gone wrong, but good or bad, experiences are experiences.

Below are a few stats to illustrate my journey and to give others a better idea on the costs of travelling in South America for 6 months. For a more detailed account of my adventures click here.

The Route: 


Total Distance Traveled: 11447 Km / 7113 Miles

Total Distance by Plane: 4522 Km / 2810 Miles

Total Distance by Bus: 6819 Km / 4237 miles

Total Distance by Boat: 106 km / 66 Miles

Average Distance Per Day: 61.21 Km / 38 Miles


Total Spent: £4933.67 in 187 days = £26.38 a day

Total Spent In Peru: £212.33 in 7 days = £30 a day

Total Spent in Bolivia: £2448.19 in 127 days = £19.27 a day

Total Spent in Argentina: £992.07 in 28 days = £35.43 a day

Total Spent In Chile: £1281.08 in 25 days = £51.97 a day

Average Monthly Spending: £822.27

Favorite Hostel: Hostel Lao (Mendoza, Argentina)

Favorite Photo: 

Sunset on Lak Titicaca

Sunset on Lake Titicaca




My average monthly spending is well under the recommended £1000 per month so I am pretty happy. I have not really been complying to a strict budget either. I have taken various flights, luxury buses and have eaten out in restaurants on numerous occasions. Adding in the amount of partying I have been doing and its still a pretty sweet figure. I know for sure that its possible to spend a hell of a lot less. The total figure also includes a hefty whack of £214 to extend my travel insurance for a further 4 months. My spending should drop considerably for the next few months because living in Bolivia is pretty damn cheap. All that said though, the month I will spend in Brazil for the World Cup will absolutely destroy my funds and budget. Stay tuned for the end result!

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