What Happened in April? 

April has been a fairly quiet month and as a result a really cheap month. I successfully got my student visa which extended my stay for a further 2 months. And as of this day I have only had 1 lesson at the school due to the lack of available teachers and some bullshit from the school its self.

I was unsuccessful in acquiring more tickets for the world cup even though I got up at 5.30am to try when they went on sale again. Most of my time has been spent with my new friend Scott, a fellow Englishman who has been another victim of Sucre’s charm. 6 weeks and counting for him now!

Last Friday I went Mountain Biking with Marion and her brother to the village of Yotala. This time we went the extremely hard way. The initial ride out of Sucre was an easy downhill asphalt road but then the real fun started. The next 30 minutes was a grueling uphill slog on loose gravel roads ascending nearly 2000ft. But thankfully, everything that goes up must go down. Most of the rest of the day was high speed downhill and a hell of a lot of fun. The only significant uphill section we encountered we flagged down a quarry lorry to take us to the top, which was much appreciated. The final descent took us into lower green farmland, dodging chickens and cows were the only obstacles we encountered.

Once we arrived in Yotala we relaxed while we waited for the bus back to Sucre. Our relaxing was short lived due to an extremely old and drunk villager who took great pleasure in abusing us and me in particular in his native Quechua. We ignored him for the best part until he tried to touch Marion, and me and her brother stood up to warn him off. So off he stumbled in his tyre made sandals to abuse someone else.



Countries Visited: Bolivia

Bolivia: Sucre

Total Distance Traveled: 0 Km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled by air: 0 km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled on bus: 0 Km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled by boat: 0 km / 0 miles

What I Spent

Bolivia: £345.54

Total Spent: £345.54 in 30 days = £11.51 a day.


What I Listened To

3 Most Played Tunes: 

  1. “Not Nineteen Forever” (Acoustic Mix) by The Courteeners
  2. “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  3. “So Here We Are” by Bloc Party

What I Have Been Watching: Breaking Bad Season 5, The Wolf Of Wallstreet

What Have I Been Reading: “The Marching Powder” by Rusty Young (Re-reading)

Best Part: Getting back out on a bike. Felt so good to be ripping up the down hill trails around Sucre.

Worst Part: Breaking my watch. I never no the time now and I’m always late for Happy Hour at Florin!

Favourite Drink: Fanta & Vodka

The Beer I Drank Most: Huari, Bolivia

Favourite Bar: Cafe Florin, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Club: Stigma, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Hostel: Did not stay in a hostel

My Favourite Photo: 

Mountain Biking to Yotala

Mountain Biking to Yotala

Whats Next? 

May will be my last month in Sucre so I am planning on spending as much time as possible with Marion before I leave for Brazil. We plan on visiting the Salar de Uyuni and staying in a small village for a few days. I will hopefully get out on the bike a few more times and we may also visit La Paz and Coroico together.

And May is also the month my good friend Rob arrives. I haven’t seen him for nearly 8 months so it’s going to be awesome to catch up and share some new adventures.



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