What Happened in May? 

May was my last month in Sucre. Sad times, it was starting to feel like home. At the start of the month I embarked on an epic 2 day to the salt flats of Bolivia. Read more about it here

Apart from that it was a fairly quiet month. My good friend from back home arrived at the end of the month, so we could start our journey towards Brazil for the world cup.





Countries Visited: Bolivia

Bolivia: Sucre, Uyuni,

Total Distance Traveled: 684 Km / 425 miles

Distance Traveled by air: 0 km / 0 miles

Distance Traveled on bus: 684 Km / 425 miles

Distance Traveled by boat: 0 km / 0 miles

What I Spent

Bolivia: £495.18

Total Spent: £495.18 in 31 days = £15.97 a day


What I Have Been Watching: Game of Thrones season 1-3

What Have I Been Reading: “Touching The Void” by Joe Simpson

Best Part: My good friend Rob finally arriving in Sucre

Worst Part: Leaving Marion 😦

Favourite Drink: Cuba Libre

The Beer I Drank Most: Huari, Bolivia

Favourite Bar: Cafe Florin, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Club: Mitos, Sucre Bolivia

Favourite Hostel: Did not stay in a hostel

My Favourite Photo: 

Volcan Tunupa

Volcan Tunupa





1 thought on “May

  1. willc88

    I saw the film of touching the void a few years back – really tense stuff! How are you getting on with the book? Bolivia is great for travelling as it’s so cheap and there’s so much to do!


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