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My name is Paul, I was born and raised in a village within The New Forest, a national park located in Southern England. It is very close to the city of Southampton which is also the football team I so avidly follow.

I have been lucky enough to travel to 37 countries, backpacking through the majority. My passion (addiction) for travel started way back when I was just a little nipper. I was the type of kid who gazed out of the classroom window dreaming of far away adventures. The 80’s cartoon “The mysterious cities of gold” was perhaps my biggest influence and was the main catalyst in myself picking up my backpack and heading off to South America in search of the mystical lost city of Machu Picchu. I also took inspiration from 80’s movies such as Indiana Jones, The Jewell of the Nile and the Goonies.

These dreams weren’t a reality until I reached my mid twenties. Bored of my 9-5 life and recently single I decided to join my best friend on a round the world adventure. The money I was saving for a deposit on a house was my funding for the trip!

On the 6th of October 2007 we set off from London Heathrow bound for Beijing in China. Our trip would take us 10 months and see us visit 15 countries in 4 continents, tackling huge metropolises, baron deserts, immense mountain ranges and idyllic beaches.

There were good times, there were bad times, but it was the best experience of my life. It changed me. Made me better, more confident, cultured and independent. I had met awesome people, people that it seemed I had known for years. I had faced my fears, tried new things and had learnt that life was precious, life was for living. I was now a backpacker!

Once home I found it hard to adjust and settle back into the life we call normal. Constantly looking up at planes in the sky wondering where those lucky people were going, reading through endless travel blogs and old lonely planets guide books. I knew I needed more of backpacker lifestyle, I knew there were more adventures to be had. After all our world is so big, it would be a shame not to see a little bit more.

So in June 2010 I set off on my own epic trip. I would be gone 14 months. I would start in Africa for the 2010 football world cup, then over landing through a huge chunk of the continent, starting in Kenya and returning all the way back down to South Africa. Next I would fly to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I would spend the next year exploring the diverse continent, completely falling in love with everything I encountered.

Since then I have returned to South America, visiting old friends and exploring new places. I also spent a month in Mexico & Guatemala last Christmas.

The planning of the next episode is well under way. Watch this space!

Grab your pack, go explore, LIVE LIFE, RUN FREE!

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