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Liebster Award

So, I have just been nominated for the Liebster award. I still do not know quite actually what it is as I have just got home from the pub and I’m feeling a little drunk. But I am truly privileged to receive such an accolade and major thanks goes to ‘The Cactus, the donkey and the Brit’ for recommending my blog for this award. If you have time please check out this blog. I find it truly entertaining and often find myself chuckling at some of his posts. Anyway from what I can make out the idea behind the Liebster award is to give some exposure to up and coming blogs like my own. So please support!

To accept this award I must

  • List 11 facts about myself
  • Answer the questions from the person who gave me the award
  • Nominate 5 blogs for the award by posting links to their pages
  • Create questions for people accepting the award from me
  • And post the award

This is mine….

11 facts about me

  1. I love travelling
  2. I love football & support Southampton FC
  3. I have never been in Love
  4. I hate Zombie films but i’m addicted to The Walking Dead
  5. I thought the ending to ‘Lost’ was the biggest cop out in Tv history
  6. Latin American supermarkets do my head in!
  7. Blogging is taking over my life
  8. I dream of owning my own hostel
  9. I hate winter
  10. I have a slight addiction to red wine, especially Malbec from Argentina
  11. I nearly died in a car crash in Colombia

The questions I must answer:

1) If you had to, would you chop off an arm or a leg?

As tough as it would be to make a decision like this I would have to go for an arm. I need both of my legs. I have aspirations to conquer Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas, and or no not impossible, would be extremely difficult without both of my legs.

2) What goals do you have before the end of 2013?

I hope to be able speak and communicate in the Spanish language to a fairly decent level.

3) If you could remove one animal from existence, what would it be?

Spiders were the initial choice as I truly hate them. But after bringing back a plague of bed bugs back from Guatemala I would have to definitely say BED BUGS! They never DIE!!

4) Favourite smell?

It has to be the smell of a roast dinner cooking on a Sunday when you are hungover. Factor in Sunday football and you have true bliss!

5) If I were to give you 1 million pounds / dollars right now, what would you do?

Where to start? I would take my family on holiday to experience all the amazing things I have been lucky enough to experience. I would treat my mates to anywhere in the world they wanted to go. I would buy a top of the range VW transporter camper and go off round Europe. Buy a hostel in South America. Road trip from tip of north America to the bottom of South America in a custom made vehicle.

Blogs I would like to nominate

I’m a traveller, not a tourist

Love from Cornwall

Life is a Camino

Yallah, bye

Gringo Suelto

Questions to my nominees 

1) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

2) What ‘Lost’ character would you like to be best friends with and why?

3) If someone offered you a million pounds/dollars to travel the world for the rest of your life but the catch was you could never see your friends again. What would you do?

4) Messi or Ronaldo?

5) Mountain Bike or Road Bike?

So that is the Liebster award everyone. Thanks for checking out my blog and keep coming back. There’s plenty more to come. I’m sure once I hit the road again there will be crap loads of more embarrassing tales of myself getting into some kind of trouble. Until then check out my ‘When things go wrong’ section. Hopefully it will entertain you.