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StanStone The App for Great Travellers


There is a cool new backpacking traveler App that has just been launched here in Sucre. I really like the concept these guys have going. The app allows you to search other users in your current location. So if you arrive in a certain city and the hostel you are staying in is not very sociable, you can connect with other users and potentially meet new friends.

You can also share pictures of your current location, write your current news and share your travel journal. I really think this app has the potential to enhance the backpacker experience, all it need is a bit of support to get it out there.

Here is what the developers say. “Connect and follow all travelers in the world according to your position and travel style. Build & share your travel guide with useful tips thanks to a camera specially designed and easy to use. Give daily news to your friends/family stayed at home…”

So if you have an I Phone then download the app from the Apple app store now and spread the word and connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.